Cattaraugus County Visitors' Map

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This map is a general visitors' map (32" width x 20" height) of places, points of interest and more in Cattaraugus County.

2014 Maps

The 2014 map includes a more detailed view of Allegany State Park. Get an even more detailed map of Allegany State Park.

2010 Map

The 2010 map does not include villages' streets but does have streets in the City of Olean and City Salamanca.

For a detailed road map please see


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Most Residents are Amish in the Town of Leon

There are approximately 1,380 residents in Leon with the Amish Community comprising about 76% of that number. The Old Order Amish settled in Leon in 1949. They do not believe in the modern conveniences. They have no electricity in their homes + travel by horse and buggy. 

If you are looking for someplace interesting to go, try the Leon area. It is right in the heart of Amish Country.

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