Multimedia: Photos & Videos from around Cattaraugus County

Photos & Videos

Play Golf America 2012 at Holiday Valley

Video of people learning about golf, trying out equipment and playing the challenges at the Holiday Valley Golf Practice Range & Golf School.

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Holiday Valley Mudslide 2012

Video of people of all ages getting muddy, exercise and having fun at the 1st Annual Holiday Valley Mudslide!

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Erie Centennial Train and Train Ride from Olean to Salamanca

Erie Centennial Train at Olean, NY (1951) and cab ride between Olean and Salamanca. Filmed and narrated by the late Lawrence W. Kilmer.

Video from rredwards

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Italian American Golf Charity Tournament at Holiday Valley

Video about the Italian American Golf Charity Tournament held at the Holiday Valley Double Black Diamond Golf Course that raises money for cancer research.

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Finish at Holiday Valley Mudslide

Participants go down the slope into the mudpit at Holiday Valley's 1st Mudslide Event. This was the last feature of the fun runs.

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Holiday Valley's Mudslide Teaser

Gwen Bush gives us a run-through of the Mudslide obstacle course race here at Holiday Valley on June 16th. Remember, this is just a teaser! There are more obstacle and surprises coming!

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A Day at the 2012 Allegany Nature Pilgrimage

A Day at the Allegany Nature Pilgrimage on June 2, 2012

Photos from the 54th Annual Allegany Nature Pilgrimage at Allegany State Park 2012

Video by paperboy2222

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Sky High Mountain Coaster Tutorial

Learn what not to do on the Mountain Coaster at the Sky High Adventure Park with Holiday Valley's tutorial.

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St. Bonaventure Rugby takes on Holiday Valley Sky High Adventure Park

The guys from the St. Bonaventure University Rugby team travel to Sky High Adventure Park at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, N.Y., for a day of outdoor excitement and team-building.

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Mountain Biking over the handlebars

Watch as he wipes out going over his handlebars from 2 different views while Mountain Biking somewhere in the McCarty Hill State Forest from Holiday Valley Resort.

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Amish Women traveling by buggy

Amish Women traveling by buggy along the Amish Trail.

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Belgian Workhorses taking a break

These Belgian workhorses were taking a break from plowing in the fields along New York's Amish Trail.

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Amish Buggies at the barn

Amish Buggies at the barn along the Amish Trail.

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KanJam at Thunder Rocks at Allegany State Park

Check out this video of a game of KanJam played in a dangerous location ... on top of Thunder Rocks at Allegany State Park. Important: This is not a recommended location to play KanJam.

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Spring Skiing at Holiday Valley

Video Slideshow of Photos taken Wednesday, March 14, 2012, morning at Holiday Valley by paperboy2222

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2012 Penguin Paddle at Holiday Valley

A great video of the 2012 Penguin Paddle event at Holiday Valley.

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Red House Lake 10/2006Swan in a River from a TripWhitetail DeerOlean, NY from Bartlett Country Club

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