Dinosaur Shack Poultry

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Dinosaur Shack Poultry in East Otto, NY is your one stop farm for everything poultry and waterfowl.  Whether you are interested in fresh eggs, or live or processed meat birds, they have an assortment to meet your needs. They have an egg-stand for eating eggs of a wide variety.  The fresh eggs are hatched from free range chicken and ducks, who have daily access to green grass and spoiled with fruits and veggies treats year round.  The farm believes that hapy hens and ducks make happy eggs.  Chicken eggs are $2.50 a dozen, duck eggs are $4.00 a dozen and Quail eggs are $5.00 a dozen.  Also available at the stand are tomatoes, peppers, and onions in the summer season.  Look for pumpkins in the fall! 

They also offer fertile hatching eggs, day old chicks, pullets upon request and meat birds.  Striving for excellence, the farm takes time and care to maintain a healthy stock so you can be proud of you new additions!  Please inquire for availability on hatching eggs and day olds.  A dozen hatching easter eggers costs $10.00 and day olds run $2.00 and up.  For meat birds, they offer live and processed in whole or quartered.  Cornish hens, Quail and Turkeys are available by order.  A non-refundable25% deposit is required at the time of order (to help avoid cancellations).  All meat birds are also free range and fed special treats as well.  Price varies on the poundage and amount of processing.  NO Hormones and NO antibiotics are used! 

If you are looking for personalize egg cartons or shipping labels, the farm offers those as well.  Please see the website for details and cost.  

Call 716-257-0909 to make an appointment to come out to the farm to discuss purchasing and raising your own, or place your meat order online, or stop by the farm stand for fresh eggs!  Follow Dinosaur Shack Poultry on Facebook for cute photos and videos of hatchlings! 

Silkie at Dinosaur Shack Poultry
Dinosaur Shack Poultry
East Otto/Springville Rd.
East Otto, NY 14729
United States
Phone: 716-257-0909
42° 22' 58.4364" N, 78° 43' 15.636" W

General Information

  • Wheelchair Accessible: Unknown
  • Parking: Yes
  • RV Parking: Unknown
  • Bus Parking: Unknown
  • Pets Allowed: No
  • Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
  • Internet Access: Unknown
  • Conference / Meeting / Banquet: Unknown
  • Playground: Unknown
  • Indoor Pool: Unknown
  • Outdoor Pool: Unknown
  • Swimming:
  • Boat Launch or Dock:
  • Fishing Access:
  • Equestrian Trail Access: Unknown
  • Bicycle Trail Access: Unknown
  • Hiking Trail Access: Unknown
  • Mountain Biking Trail Access: Unknown
  • Snowmobile Trail Access: Unknown

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The following is from the New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation's article "Steelhead Fishing in Lake Erie Tributaries"

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