Snowmobile Trails Map

Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions
Wednesday, February 10, 2016 - 10:12am

As of Wednesday, February 10, 2016, all snowmobile trails within Cattaraugus County are CLOSED.
At this point, we have no snow, however, there is snow in the forecast.  So far, we have not received the predicted amounts, but we will keep our fingers crossed.  Please check back for updates!

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Portion of the Snowmobile Map


Cattaraugus County Snowmobile Trails Map 2015-2016application/pdf iconsnowmobile-trails-2015-2016-reduced.pdf File Size: 2.15 MB
Cattaraugus County Snowmobile Trails Map 2013-2014application/pdf icon2014-2015-snowmobile-map-v4.pdf File Size: 2.78 MB
Cattaraugus County Snowmobile Trails Map 2013-2014application/pdf icon2013-2014-cattaraugus-county-snowmobile-map.pdf File Size: 2.98 MB
Cattaraugus County Snowmobile Trails Map 2012-2013 with Layersapplication/pdf iconsnowmobile-trails-2012-13-layers-optimized.pdf File Size: 1.84 MB
2011-2012 Cattaraugus County Snowmobile Trails Mapapplication/pdf iconsnowmobile-trails-map-11-12-24x24.pdf File Size: 1.25 MB
2010-2011 Cattaraugus County Snowmobile Trails Mapapplication/pdf icon2010-2011-snowmobile-trails-map.pdf File Size: 3.06 MB
Cattaraugus County Snowmobile Trails Map 2009-2010application/pdf iconsnowmobile-trails-2009-10-brochure.pdf File Size: 2.93 MB
Cattaraugus County Snowmobile Trails Map 2008application/pdf iconsnowmobile-trails-cattaraugus-county-2008-19x26.pdf File Size: 2.62 MB

This map's Print Size is 24" x 24" (but you can print it in any size you need)

Snowmobile Trails open on December 23th, 2015 in New York State. Check our Snowmobiling page for Trail Conditions

We have over 350+ miles of snowmobile trails in Cattaraugus County. Download the map in PDF or download files for your GPS device! The Pat McGee Trail (12.2 miles) is a major segment of the Cattaraugus County trails system going from the Village of Cattaraugus to the Northern part of Salamanca. Allegany State Park contains over 74 miles of snowmobile trails.

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New! Turn Layers on and off in Adobe Reader

(2012-2013 map only at this time)

Update: December 2012 this "Layers" feature is available in the 2012-2013 map at this time and allows you to hide or show overlays on the map.

You can toggle the visibility, hide or show, different "layers" or overlays on the map.

The PDF of the Snowmobile map comes with layers embedded allowing anyone to turn layers on and off. If you don't want to see roads on your snowmobile map then turn them off.

Please read the following instructions to access the layers in your snowmobile map.

  1. If you haven't saved the snowmobile map to your computer be sure to do that now below.
  2. Open the snowmobile map using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. (To test double-click on the file and if it doesn't open then you need to download the FREE Adobe Reader)

In Adobe Reader click this button to see Layers

2012-2013 Snowmobile Trail layers


These files may help you with the following activity:




Please be decent

For all snowmobilers who travel on Cemetery St. past the Randolph Cemetery, please remember people live near the trail and be please courteous and not fly at like 100mph when passing our house. Thank You.