Allegany State Park Trails

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Thunder Rocks at Allegany State Park

Allegany State Park has many beautiful trails that you can hike, bike, cross-country ski, rollerblade, ride horseback, mountain bike, snowmobile and more. Most of the trails are used throughout the entire year such as the groomed snowmobile trails that double as horseback riding trails in the summer.

Allegany State Park offers 18 hiking trails, 3 of which have been developed as self-guided nature trails. Or bike along the 5.6 miles of paved trails which includes 3.1 miles around Red House Lake. There are over 35+ miles of trails at the Art Roscoe Recreation Area alone.

One of the most spectacular places to see Autumn at its best is Allegany State Park.

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Points of Interest at Allegany State Park

Want to know where most things are in the park? Please be sure to download the Allegany State Park Map and if you have a GPS device you can download points of interest for your GPS device.

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Home to the Largest New York State Park

The Largest New York State Park is Allegany State Park which is the 3rd largest in the nation with 65,000 acres (97 square miles) and lots of trails. Allegany State Park has over 35 miles of Cross Country skiing trails, 18 hiking trails and 5.6 miles of paved multi-use trails (horseback riding, snowmobiling and more) around Red House Lake area. 3 campground areas with over 375 cabins.

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