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Some open, some closed, read carefully
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 - 11:00am
Very Poor

Snowmobile Trail Report - Mixed bag of open and closed. Please read carefully. Apparently, we are in for warmer weather over the weekend (45-48 degrees), so this will probably force those clubs who opened their trails to close. Think Snow!

~ Allegany State Park – Closed due to lack of packing snow.

~ Ashford Snowmobile Club - Closed.

~ Elibomwons Snowmobile Club (Randolph) - The ELIBOMWONS of Randolph have decided to open there trail as LIMITED. The only decent riding is from the truck stop south to horseshoe, nickel inn or hideaway restaurant in steamburg. There is alot of flooded areas as of yet. Reports of flooding on creek trail to Kennedy, goodwins landing is flooded, swamp rd dike is flooded and as of yesterday you couldn’t get through randolph on s13 due to standin water. Also the c2 trail to cherry creek is closed due to flooding. If you encounter flooding or wind blown fields please turn around. It would be best to avoid any low ground in and around downtown Randolph. Snowbounders to the east remain closed. Another warm up on the way this weekend so expect trails to close again later this week.

~ Enchanted Mountains Border Riders Snowmobile Club(Limestone) – Trails are closed due to flooding and lack of snow.

~ Franklinville Snowmobile Club - Closed. Not safe to open.

~ Portville Snowmobile Club - We are going to open the trails but please ride cautiously!! With all of the rain we received there will be wet areas. Please let us know of any issues. Ride safe!!

~ SnowBounders Snowmobile Club (Little Valley) - Closed. TRAILS REMAIN CLOSED!!! What some may not realize is that hidden under that snow is water and it can be as deep as 3+ feet people. Our volunteers have been out inspecting and have buried their sleds in water. The conditions of the trails are extremely dangerous and that is why they are closed. Be smart, be safe, respect our landowners and stay off the trails!!!

~ Southern Tier Snow Drifters – CLOSED. We had to go and close a section of trail between Gowanda and the Collins Town Park due to a bridge that is no longer safe. There is no re-route at this time, although we are working on a long term solution.
Also in the town of Eden along Rt 75 on trail C4 the gates are closed. When we say the trails are closed we mean it and so does the landowner in this section. Police have been notified.
Remember to Ride Right, Ride Safe and join STSD.

~ Tri-County Drift Hoppers Snowmobile Club– Trails are open. Ride slow and with caution. Some trails are not passable.

~ WNY Snowmobile Club of Boston - We are OPENING LIMITED our 60 miles, so trails get packed down and water holes get opened up before the next few inches of snowfall forecasted tomorrow. Please beware of ice bridges which may have partially melted and other obstacles. If you go out, don't ride in the last guy's track, that doesn't help pack down the trail (but do stay between the stakes and to the right). Please check all surrounding clubs before leaving our trails, where do our trails end you may ask, well here you go:
To the North East - we connect with Colden, end of the powerline
To the North West - we connect with Hamburg, after the forestry
To the East - we connect with Pioneer, at Rt 240 (Fireside)
To the West - we connect with Southern Tier, at Uncle Franks and at junction 133 (Mortons Corners Rd)
To the South West - we connect with Snow Bounders past Zoar Valley
To the South East - we connect with Ashford
You can stay on our trail system and visit several restaurants and two gas stations. Be respectful of our neighboring clubs and stay off of closed trails.

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Snowmobile on a trail at Allegany State Park

We have over 450+ miles of snowmobile trails in Cattaraugus County. Download the latest snowmobile map and then explore!

The Pat McGee Trail (12.2 miles) is a major segment of the Cattaraugus County trails system going from the Village of Cattaraugus to the Northern part of Salamanca, New York.

Allegany State Park contains over 90 miles of snowmobile trails and now has a trail that ends at the Seneca Allegany Casino & Hotel.

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Sell snowmobile permits for out of staters

We (NYS)NEED to implement a temporary trail permit license (accessible via Internet) for out of state sleds! Why wouldn't we provide legal access to visitors of our trail system? C'mon NY... Just another revenue stream! The current reg. system is not fair for out of state & weekend sleders!


you sure?
care to elaborate?
i be curious!!

Visiting from Canada

Does anyone know if I can get a weekly trail permit, or some type of visitors permit?  I don't want to pay for a full season permit as I'm only in town for one weekend.  Kindly Advise.PRAY4SNO

No weekend or week trail permits in NYS that we know of

At this time, our area of New York State does not have trail permits.

You could join a NYS snowmobile club online (cheapest is $25 family membership) and then register your sled(s) at a Department of Motor Vehicles $45 per sled (Delevan, NY or Little Valley, NY). It would cost at least $70 to get your snowmobile legally on the trails but then you can ride as much as you want until August!Wink

$Total = $25 + ($45 x number of sleds)

Another alternative is to rent a sled from Charlie's Cycle Center. The snowmobile rental rates start at $99 per day.

Updated: 2012-01-27 - Rent a snowmobile from Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile Services (see the blog post Rent a Snowmobile in Western New York)

Have a great time snowmobiling!


Update your site,Charlie's cycle center is closed. 

Comment on the Page

Thank you for notifying us. That is a comment and we don't normally go back and edit comments from the past. For snowmobile rentals, we recommend Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile Services see our blog post at

winter fun fest

Is there going to be a winter fun fest this year at allegany state park?


Are they going to open the trail that ends in Salamanca and cotinue it into the park and casino ??

No Snowmobile Trail Changes at this time

There are no Snowmobile Trails changes at this time.

That would be nice if the snowmobile trails expanded but there is work to do before this upcoming winter. The local snowmobile clubs are always looking for volunteers (see )

Top 10 site for Steelhead Fishing

Cattaraugus Creek has been listed in the top 10 sites for Steelhead Fishing (rainbow trout fishing) by 2 outdoor magazines. Steelhead Trout AKA Rainbow trout are very similar to Salmon in both taste and habits. Unlike other areas of the United States, our native Rainbow trout (Steelhead Trout) spend a majority of time in Lake Erie a freshwater lake and spawn in the Cattaraugus Creek and other tributaries.

The following is from the New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation's article "Steelhead Fishing in Lake Erie Tributaries"

Lake Erie's tributary streams, both big and small, receive an annual run of migratory rainbow trout called "steelhead." From October through April, thousands of steelhead ascend New York's Lake Erie tributaries on their mission to spawn. Excellent fishing opportunities await any angler who wishes to try their hand at steelhead fishing. Between the acrobatic leaps, long drag-screaming runs and rod quaking head shakes, the fight of an early run steelhead is a truly exhilarating experience.

Read more about Steelhead/Rainbow fishing on the Cattaraugus Creek

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