"Bah-maste" - Goat Yoga at Canticle Farm

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Yoga is the best exercise to connect our mind, body and soul. It helps us get to our natural state allowing our minds to be at peace. 

Now imagine doing yoga in the middle of a field surrounded by nothing but beautiful hills, feeling a breeze and hearing all of the sounds that nature has to offer. Sounds soothing already, right? I haven’t even added the best part yet, GOATS!

Goats are so friendly, social and loving that it's the best animal therapy to combine with yoga. Once you start stretching on your mat and see the goats coming towards you, I promise that you won't be able to stop smiling. The goats have free reign to walk around while the yoga class is taking place. So that means that they’ll run, jump, and even stand by you or on you, which you'll be excitedly waiting for your turn. If they come up to you, you can take a moment to snuggle them because how could you not?! 

Have you never done yoga before or feel that yoga isn't for you? Don't worry because this is more than just a yoga class it's an unforgettable experience. Even if you're there more for the goats, yoga is a great exercise for everyone and you're in control of how intense you want it to be.

You'll feel so welcomed by the instructor and the goats that once the hour long class is over you’ll feel so relaxed and happy that you won’t be ready to leave!

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