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Facts from around the Enchanted Mountains

The cabin at Pfeiffer Nature Center is made entirely of American Chestnut, which was thought to be extinct.
Onoville Marina Park is the largest inland marina in NYS
The Largest New York State Park is Allegany State Park which is the 3rd largest in the United States of America with 65,000 acres (97 square miles) and… Read more
The Enchanted Mountains is home to, at least, three giant outcroppings of rocks
There are over 150 Old Order Amish shops in New York's Amish Trail in an uncommercialized setting.
HoliMont is the largest private ski resort in North America and has 52 slopes and 8 chair lifts.
The very first NASCAR points champion, from the Northeast part of the USA, began his career at the Pennyroyal Race Track