Falloween Fun List Day #4

Look out for ghouls, spooks, and creatures of the night while riding the Nightmare Hayride in Ellicottville NY.  The continuing mazes through the fields then barn will be sure to give you more than just the creeps, perhaps some Nightmares!   

Falloween Fun List

If you love Fall and Halloween then you are sure to get a real scream out of our Falloween Fun List we are posting on Facebook.  Each day we will feature a spooky event, fall recipe, or scary item for purchasing to get you in the mood for the Great Month of October. 

You might just fall in love with an Alpaca

For the upcoming National Alpaca Farm Days happening this weekend, I want to encourage others to get out and visit an Alpaca Farm and meet one of these incredible animals.  You may find yourself not wanting to leave without taking one home. 

Fall Foliage Report

Colors remain dull with shades of green, yellow, rust and occasionally a bright red.

By the upcoming weekend, I am guessing we will be at midpoint and about 35% changed. 

The photo above was taken on September 24, 2013 from a quilt shop along New York's Amish Trail.

Fall Foliage Report

Our leaves are still in the JUST BEGINNING stage with the predominate color being Dull SHADES OF GREEN with yellow/orange touches here and there.

By this weekend, I predict that our area will be at about 15% changed.

The picture above was taken at Pumpkinville on September 15, 2013.

Holiday Valley Ranked #5 by Ski Magazine

Holiday Valley Earns High Ranking again in Ski Magazine's Best Ski Resorts in the East!

Winners of the 2013 Hidden Gems of the Enchanted Mountains Contest

Buford and Helen of Bolivar, NY won the 2013 Hidden Gems of the Enchanted Mountains contest! The photo shows a friend, Helen and Buford smiling and holding the ASK Design Jewelers Gift Basket prize(a $365 value) at OnoFest 2013.

Contest Photo 5 for Hidden Gems of the Enchanted Mountains

At what great dining destination in Cattaraugus County would you find this hungry bear cub  for week #5 of the Hidden Gems of the Enchanted Mountains Contest?

Cattaraugus County Fair Book and Frisbees!

Have you seen the 2013 Cattaraugus County Fair Book? It is great looking and very useful for the Catt County fair goer. In the picture above, you can see the cover of the Catt County Fair book along with 4 Enchanted Mountains frisbees of different colors.

Contest Photo 4 for Hidden Gems of the Enchanted Mountains

At what rocky destination is this stairway in Cattaraugus County for the photo for week #4 of the Hidden Gems of the Enchanted Mountains Contest?

Be sure to visit the contest page to download your entry form. Print it and write down your guess as to where it is in Cattaraugus County.

Travel Guide

Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County Travel Guide for 2020It's a full 56-page comprehensive guide, highlighting the activities and attractions in our County and it's FREE!!

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Amish businesses are not open on Sundays

The Amish conduct business on Monday through Saturday. They do not conduct business on Sunday because that is their church services.

For more information on the Old Order Amish in New York please visit

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