Geotrails in the Enchanted Mountains

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We maintain 5 geotrails that have over 60 geocaches in Cattaraugus County.

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New York's Amish GeoTrail (NYAGT)

New York Amish GeoTrail Parts 1 & 2

Geocaches: 24 | Difficulty: Easy

Started in September 2011.

View more about the NYAGT on

Enchanted Mountain History GeoTrails (EMHGT)

Showing front and back of all 3 parts of the EMHGT flyers

Geocaches: 42 | Difficulty: Easy

Started in 2015

Part 1: Released in June of 2015. View the EMHGT Part 1 geotrail on our history website.

Part 2: Released in June of 2016. View the EMHGT Part 2 geotrail on our history website.

Part 3: Released in June of 2017. View the EMHGT Part 3 geotrail on our history website.

Enchanted Mountain GeoTrail (EMGT)

Geocaches: 32 | Difficulty: Varied. Most were easy.

Started in 2010 | Status: Archived in October of 2013.

The Enchanted Mountains GeoTrail (EMGT) was our first geotrail which was archived in 2013. We'd like to thank all of the geocachers that helped us to setup the EMGT. We may bring EMGT back with new geocaches in the next 2 years.

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NYAGT Geocaching Trails

Huge Outdoor Sculpture Park

Griffis Sculpture Park is located on over 400 acres and holds over 250 sculptures.

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