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Guidelines for the 2024 Cattaraugus County Group B Tourism Promotion Grant Program



A portion of bed tax is intended to provide grants for advertising and promoting various new or expanded tourism events, unique festivals, attractions and experiences that will attract more visitors for extended stays, overnight visits and day getaways. This grant program seeks to establish the importance of programs and opportunities that promote or support the development of specific themes or significant attractions and events, all of which enhance the level of visitor experience in the area. Any eligible grantee will partner and coordinate with the Department of Economic Development, Planning & Tourism (EDPT).

Funds for Advertising

This funding is intended to supplement your advertising budget and not meant to be your entire advertising budget; therefore a match or share of cost is expected.


Chambers without full-time staff, business associations, non-profit organizations, events, festivals and other tourism associated activities - The funds in this group will be administered by EDPT. Grantees will partner and coordinate with EDPT.

Application and Selection Process:

Funding requests shall be made for each marketing campaign. Applications will be submitted to the EDPT, who will then prioritize and approve or disapprove them. Applications must be received no later than December 8, 2023. Applications received after this date will NOT be considered. Letters will be sent to the awardees and EDPT will meet with each entity in a face to face meeting where criteria guidelines will be explained and amount awarded announced.

Please scroll to bottom for PDF which includes application. 

Advertising Placements:

Awardees will meet with EDPT for award amounts prior to event. All advertising must be placed through EDPT, no exceptions. Prior approval of ad from all parties will be obtained.

Eligible Advertising:

Emphasis should be placed on advertising outside of Cattaraugus County and WILL contain the Enchanted Mountains name, logo and website. See this helpful page for more information about referencing the Enchanted Mountains.

A link to the Enchanted Mountains website must also be included on the grantee’s website.

Types of advertising - we can provide necessary items below

  • Radio Advertising - Enchanted Mountain Jingle must be used.
  • Television & Video Advertising
  • Newspaper, Magazine, Travel Guide, Newsletter, Special Edition Inserts
  • Internet Advertisements - See helpful page on Online Advertising
  • Brochure, Flyer & Poster Printing
  • Promotion of special package promotions.

Ranking Criteria of Applications

  • Increase economic impact
  • Increase overall visitations to County
  • Create longer stays and overnight visits
  • Involve collaboration among communities, attractions and events
  • Promotion of niche activities and experiences that will enhance new visitor interest into our County
  • Emphasize NEW marketing and or development rather than existing activities
  • Involve partnering with various accommodations for package development and promotions

See the attached PDF for the complete application for the Group B Tourism Promotion Grant Program.


Contact us with your questions using the Tourism Promotion Grant Program Questions form.

Note: Awardees will meet with EDPT for award amounts prior to event. All advertising must be placed through EDPT, no exceptions. Prior approval of ad from all parties will be obtained.

We will meet after the determined advertising period to discuss the results. There is also a one page Post Project Summary Report that needs to be filled out