Allegany River Rest Area

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The Allegany River Rest Area serves westbound traffic on Rt. 86, between exits 24 and 23 in the town of Allegany.

The building's design reflects a contemporary interpretation of a traditional Native American Indian Longhouse and presents an attractive, welcoming building providing the traveling public and commercial trucking industry with a modern, multifunctional rest area.  Collaborating with native American Indian artist Carson Waterman, many exterior design features were developed to celebrate the history of the Seneca Nation of Indians.  The landscaping scheme includes abundant indigenous plantings that are individually identified with interpretive markers.  Stainless steel sculptures that decorate the landscape relate a traditional Native American story.  The soaring lobby recreates the traditional high, narrow central gathering area, complete with a mosaic tile "fire pit", seating "stones" and a domed skylight "smoke hole".  The grand chandelier simulates a traditional Seneca "dreamcatcher".  The smaller adjacent side spaces represent the individual family living spaces.  Creative floor tile patterns depicting a footpath lead the traveler through the expansive restroom areas.  Other interior Native American Indian features, designed in collaboration with Mr. Waterman, include mosaic floor tile medallions and a multi-paneled art glass window wall that emits multiple hues of natural light across the lobby floor.

The lobby includes a staffed tourist information center, vending machines and drinking fountains as well as handicapped accessible dual facility public restrooms.  Other spaces provided include a NYSDOT truck inspection and maintenance office and a New York State Police Interstate Highway Patrol and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement office, which provides a police presence for the safety of the public and the control of commercial truck traffic.

The Allegany Welcome Center was the recipient of the 2006 "Excellence in Highway Design" Excellence Award for a Highway-Related Project from the US DOT Federal Highway Administration.


front of rest area
Allegany River Rest Area
Rt. 86 westbound, between exit 24 and 23
Allegany, NY 14706
United States
Phone: 716-372-0539 or 1-800-331-0543
42° 5' 58.4916" N, 78° 31' 35.3892" W

General Information

  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
  • Parking: Yes
  • RV Parking: Yes
  • Bus Parking: Yes
  • Pets Allowed: Yes
  • Accepts Credit Cards: No
  • Internet Access: Yes
  • Conference / Meeting / Banquet: No
  • Playground: Unknown
  • Indoor Pool: Unknown
  • Outdoor Pool: Unknown
  • Swimming:
  • Boat Launch or Dock: No
  • Fishing Access: None
  • Equestrian Trail Access: Unknown
  • Bicycle Trail Access: No
  • Hiking Trail Access: No
  • Mountain Biking Trail Access: Unknown
  • Snowmobile Trail Access: Unknown

Please note

Please note that this information may change and may be incorrect

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