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Group B

"Group B" of the Tourism Promotion Grant Program (Bed Tax Program)


A portion of bed tax is intended to provide grants for advertising and promoting various new or expanded tourism events, unique festivals, attractions and experiences that will attract more visitors for extended stays, overnight visits and day getaways. This grant program seeks to establish the importance of programs and opportunities that promote or support the development of specific themes or significant attractions and events, all of which enhance the level of visitor experience in the area. Any eligible grantee will partner and coordinate with the Cattaraugus County Department of Economic Development, Planning & Tourism (EDPT).

Funds for Marketing Campaign

The funds supplied by this grant, the funding source, are from the County's share of taxes collected from overnight stays, bed taxes, within the County.

This funding is intended to supplement your marketing campaign's advertising budget and not meant to be your entire advertising budget; therefore a match or share of cost is expected.

Eligible Applicants

Chambers without full-time staff, business associations, non-profit organizations, events, festivals and other tourism associated activities.

The funds in this group will be administered by EDPT. Grantees will partner and coordinate with EDPT.

Application Period

Applications are accepted after they are released from late October to early December. Catt. County EDPT will announce the release of the application in October.


Application Process

Complete an application for each marketing campaign project.

A marketing campaign could contain any of the following:

Print materials

Online Advertising

Radio Advertising

Television & Video Advertising


Possible applicants should have, at least, a rough project plan using the example application for one marketing campaign

Approved Tourism Programs



Authored on

November 9, 2023 at 10:37 AM
Group B