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His first turkey!

Cattaraugus County  is one of the top outdoor locations in the region for all your hunting needs.  The lush and thick landscapes of the Enchanted Mountains gives opportunity for some of the largest bucks in the area. 

Each year, Cattaraugus ranks in the top three counties for harvesting of deer and turkeys.

Not a hunter? Try fishing in Cattaraugus County.  Cattaraugus Creek, which runs directly through the county, is rated as one of the top 10 places for fishing steelhead, according to InFisherman magazine.

Hunting Supplies and Equipment

There's plenty of places to find any hunting supply you could possibly be looking for.  Check out the listings in our Enchanted Mountains Travel Guide or on our website to find the best outlet near you.

Hunting in Allegany State Park

Crossbow hunting is allowed in Allegany State Park in accordance with the Department of Environmental Conservation's regulations as of October 1.  All hunters must obtain an Allegany State Park hunting permit at the Park Police station located in the Administration Building in the Red House area.  The Allegany State Park hunting permit outlines additional restrictions for hunting in Allegany State Park such as:  no bear hunting, and prohibiting the discharge of any firearm (including crosbows) within 200 yards (600 feet) of any highway, building or man-made structure.  For a complete list of the state DEC rules and regulations, visit www.DEC.NY.GOV.   The Allegany State Park Hunting Permit can be found at on the Allegany State Park page by clicking on the Hunting tab.

Interactive Outdoor Map

Take the places to hunt & fish with you using the Cattaraugus County Outdoor Map website.

Meaning of the word Cattaraugus

CATTARAUGUS, from a Seneca Indian word meaning “bad smelling banks,” referring to the odor of natural gas leaking from rock seams.

The word "Cattaraugus" means "foul-smelling river bank." This name is a result of the natural gas that oozes from the river mud.

In our opinion, only some of the river banks are bad smelling. Come on over and visit a creek in Cattaraugus County and tell us what you think.

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