GZO Airport Drags! Car Racing!

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Event Date(s): Sat, 08/26/2017 - 11:00am - 8:00pm
Please note that this event has expired!
Niagara Falls Car Club Drag Races at Olean Airport

Niagara Falls Car Club is hosting 1/4 mile - 1/8 mile drag races at the Olean Airport.  Schedule:
10AM-12PM: Racers registeration begin. Check-in at the Racers' entrance. Please no spectators to allow us to quickly get the main attraction checked and signed in.
11AM: Spectators' Gate will open for the general public.
12PM: Racing begin
4PM-5PM: Racing will be stopped for an hour break. Please visit our many food venues and spend some time looking at the cars throughout the property.
5PM-8PM: Racing resume

Racers: $35 for as many run you can get in during the event.
Spectators: $10 free for kids under 10.

Here are some general guidelines, rules, and general information as defined by the FAA and City of Olean.

1. All drivers racing and Spectators must sign a Waiver and Release of Liability.There will be NO passengers while racing due to the request of the fire department(safty first). Please help us speed up the registeration by downloading, printing, and signing the waiver prior to the day of the event and bring it completed filled out.
Waiver Link:

2. Driver of the vehical must be 18 years or older. No Passengers.

3. All vehicals must be road legal, insured, and registered.

4. All vehicals must pass a basic safety check. Tires must have good threads, no visible leaks of any kind, no object hanging from the exterior of the vehical to name a few. Our staff have the final say in whether a car can or cannot race.

*NOTE* You know your car better than anyone in terms of what your vehical put down. If you normally run with safety equipment, please do the same here at this event.

E.g. Wear a helmet/fire suit at Lancaster or Empire? Wear one here.

5. Cars, SUV, and Pick-ups are allowed with NO OTHER EXCEPTION. We fought hard to have them give us permission to allow "trucks". No bikes for this event, this rule will be revisited for future events (on going as of 04/24/2017).

6. Trailered Cars: *NEW* We are able to secure enough space for roughly around 20 trailers. Due to the limited amount of space please contract Henry Donahue at (716) 579-8147

7. Burnouts are allowed when stagging.

8. 110 Octane Race fuel will be available on site. Credit Card required. Please let us know after safety check is completed and passed so we may assist you.

9. Please respect the posted speed limit throughout the airport. You will be removed by security if found speeding.

10. Obey all instructions as directed by staff. We are running on an airstrip that WILL BE OPERATIONAL and can and will land aircrafts.

1. No alcohol or drugs allowed on the property. All cars will be checked.

2. Spectators may bring chairs, blankets, and shading to make yourself as comfortable as possible to enjoy the event. Please be mindful and considerate of your fellow spectators with the items your bring.

3. Please follow given instructions by our staff. Not only will it make our job easier but enhance your experience. We're here to keep you safe and your experience pleasing.

4. Please obey all posted signs. It's there for a reason, to keep you safe.

5. Misbehavior or physical altercation of any kind will not be tolerated and is subject to arrest and prosecution to the fulliest extent of the law.


General Information:
1. Fire and rescue will be on site for any emergency.

2. Outside food and drinks are NOT allowed as we have secured vendors. Last event we allowed our guest to provide their own food and drinks due to rain date and lost of our food vendors.

Food Vendors will be annouced once we get closer to the event.

3. Rest room are located throughout the property. Mainly by the spectators area, parking location, and near the food vendors.

4. Please help us keep the place clean by disposing of any trash in the garbage bin.

5. Free parking!

This is a kids friendly event. So please come with a postive spirit and help make this a successful event by following the rules. With success come a bigger and better event in the near future, be part of that success.

Food vendor as of june 17th
Kona Ice - Shaved Ice and Ice Cream
Me and Him BBQ - Barbecue
Charlie's Treat - Pizza Logs, Chicken Fingers
Local Avation Club - Burgers


For more information on this event please visit https://www.facebook.com/NFCCTAKEOVER/

This event will be held at:

Olean Airport
5420 Hatch Hill Rd.
Hinsdale, NY 14743
United States
42° 14' 32.0316" N, 78° 22' 17.8968" W
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