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Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiiers on the Art Roscoe Trail in Allegany State Park
Cross Country Skiiers on the Art Roscoe Trail in Allegany State Park

Go Cross Country Skiing for a great cardio workout! We are home to Western New York's largest cross country ski trails, the Art Roscoe Ski Trails. We have trails for all levels of skiiers, beginners or advanced.  If you're new to XC skiing, learn and practice in the woods on groomed trails of the Art Roscoe Trail System at Allegany State Park (rent a cabin right there!). If you're an experienced cross country skiier, try the back country trails at Holiday Valley Resort

Try out some of our best available places to cross country ski, or make your own path through our beautiful landscapes and rolling hills. Popular opinion is that the Art Roscoe Trails at Allegany State Park are the best!

Art Roscoe Cross Country Ski Trails at Allegany State Park

Allegany State Park offers some of the top cross country skiing accommodations around.  One of the most well known trails within the park is the Art Roscoe Cross Country Ski and Mountain Biking Area. Offering over 18 miles of groomed trails for both cross country skiing and skating, the trails, themselves, range from beginner all the way to advanced. So, regardless of your experience, there's a trail for you!

These trails are named after Arthur J. Roscoe who mapped out early logging trails for this sport. The wide scope of trails invites beginners and advanced XC skiers alike. Don't have your own cross country skis? You can rent them at the gift shop at the Red House Administration building but call first for details. The Warming Hut is open every day, but be sure to stop at the Gift Shop at the Red House Administration building beforehand if you should need to rent skis. They offer rentals Friday through Sunday. Call 716-354-9121 or 716-354-9282 for more details.

Along with the 18 miles of groomed trails, there's also over 25 miles of backcountry trails. Come check it out for yourself!

Art Roscoe Trail News

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Cross Country Skiing at Holiday Valley

For even more miles of adventure, visit the cross country skiing trails at Holiday Valley and NYS Public Lands. Here, you can either go high by cruising ridgelines at the top of Holiday Valley or go low by circling the areas around the golf course for some spectacular views.

If that's not enough, Holiday Valley Resort offers miles of trails through the mountains and the backcountry of the resort along the tracks made by snowmobiles.

For complete information on pricing and cross country skiing options, check out Holiday Valley's Cross Country Skiing page. 


Holiday Valley Resort

Mud, Sweat & Gears

The City Garage

Allegany State Park- Call 716-354-9121 or 716-354-9282


Do you have questions about Cross Country Skiing? Contact us and we'll do our best to help you plan your trip.

The Enchanted Mountains offer some of the best cross country skiing options in the entire region. With seemingly endless trails and some entertaining stops and scenic views along the way, Cattaraugus County is a haven for all your winter activity desires.


The Art Roscoe Trail System at Allegany State Park is known as the best cross-country ski trails in Western NY and Northeastern PA. 

Allegany State Park Trails

Allegany State Park has many beautiful trails that you can hike, bike, cross-country ski, rollerblade, ride horseback, mountain bike, snowmobile and more. Most of the trails are used throughout the entire year such as the groomed snowmobile trails that double as horseback riding trails in the summer.