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The Centennial 7 Hiking Challenge at Allegany State Park

December 8, 2022

Allegany State Park, the Wilderness Playground of Western New York, officially opened on July 30th, 1921. One hundred years later, people are still flocking to this vast park with rolling hills, serene lakes, and abundant beauty. Recreation in the form of hiking is an important part of the park’s history. In fact, it was a chief motive for this vast 65,000-acre state park to be established.

The Centennial 7 Hiking Challenge will introduce you to over 20 miles of some of the oldest and newest trails in the park. This group of hikes demonstrates the diversity of recreation which has occurred over the last 100 years. Whether you want to take a peaceful nature walk or ride the twisty singletrack, these trails all have something unique to offer, including a rich history. The tools we use to enjoy the outdoors may have changed over the years, but the scenery and sense of wonder when entering the forest remains the same.

Individual packets are available for $14.00 (includes tax) at the Red House Rental Office, located in the Red House Administration Building. Each packet includes 7 maps and a sticker. Once you have hiked all 7, return the completed maps with etchings to the Red House Rental Office or bring them to a Naturalist to receive your custom Centennial 7 carabiner mug.

All proceeds go to the Environmental Education Department to further develop this program and others like it.

For more information, contact the Environmental Education/Recreation Department at 716-354-9101 ext. 232.

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