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Hiking along a bridge on the North Country Trail
Hiking through NY State Land

Take a hike on the old logging roads that run through the state lands across the Enchanted Mountains. Twelve percent (or 99,500 acres) of the county is state and county lands; that gives hikers a large area to explore!  Enjoy the trails at Griffis Sculpture Park as you discover sculptures that dot the hillsides!  Hike the trails at Pfeiffer Nature Center in Portville all year around. Rock City Park in Olean offers trails that lead you over, under, around and through the gigantic rocks.

View Hiking Trails

A great place to check out hiking trails is by using the Cattaraugus County's Interactive Trails Map or Interactive Outdoor Map.



View hiking trails on the Trails Viewer (Cattaraugus County Trail Map Viewer)

Allegany State Park

Allegany State Park has a lot of hiking trails ... a lot ... LIKE MANY miles for hiking in the woods and FOLLOWING butterflies, birds and other critters. Check out the hiking trails on the Interactive Trails Map or our Interactive Outdoor Map.

Download the Allegany State Park Visitors Map or request that we mail you one.

Pat McGee Trail

You can walk, hike, bike, snowmobile or ride horse on the Pat McGee Trail! This multi-purpose trail may grow to be a backbone of a county-wide system as it connects various municipalities from the Village of Cattaraugus to the City of Salamanca.

Check out the Pat McGee Trail on the Interactive Trails Map or our Interactive Outdoor Map.

Get more information on the Pat McGee trail.

Allegheny River Valley Trail

Hundreds of people use this trail that surrounds the City of Olean and the Village of Allegany every day! Get more information on the Allegheny River Valley Trail.

Check out the Allegheny River Valley Trail on the Interactive Trails Map or our Interactive Outdoor Map.

The Conservation Trail/Finger Lakes Trail - White Blazes

This hiking trail begins in Allegany State Park and runs to Fancy Tract, near Machias. This trail has strenuous climbs and elevations range from 1,300 to 2,300 feet.

Conservation Trail - Orange Blazes

This hiking trail runs north from the Conservation/Finger Lakes Trail junction to Cattaraugus Creek. This trail is moderately difficult with elevation ranging from 1,230 to 1,920 feet.

Finger Lakes Trail - White Blazes

This hiking trail continues east from the Conservation/Finger Lakes Trail junction to the County border. This trail is moderately difficult with a peak elevation of 2,078 feet. Information: Conservation Trail - This trail is unique in that for 55 miles from the Pennsylvania border to near Fancy Tract, it is used as the main Finger Lakes Trail. It moves north another 80 miles to Akron Falls Park. Get more information on the Finger Lakes Trail.

Finger Lakes Trail System

This systems consists of the Finger Lakes Trail beginning at the Pennsylvania border and runs 500 miles east to the Long Path in the Catskills. This trail is marked with white blazes on trees and posts, and identifier discs. This system also has 200 miles of branch trails. These are marked in the same manner except the color is orange. Side trails are marked in blue. Double blazes are used to mark turns or conditions of the trail. Get more information on the Finger Lakes Trail.

Boyce Hill State Forest/DEC Loop Trail

The Finger Lakes/North Country Trail goes directly through this small State Forest also, but there is a specific short loop that can be enjoyed.  It is approximately 2.75 miles and offers many views of animals and has a beautiful pond to relax by.  Easy day hike for any level of experience. See Boyce Hill State Forest map on New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation

Geology Trail

"Rock out" at many places in Cattaraugus County along the Cattaraugus County Geology Trail.

Zoar Valley

Bordering Erie and Cattaraugus County, Zoar Valley Multiple Use Area encompasses approximately 2,939 acres of land commonly used for hiking.  Be noted however, this can be a very dangerous place with large drop offs, vast wilderness, and sweeping currents.  You will however, find hours and hours of hiking to enjoy.  Deer Lick Conservation Area is a specific part of Zoar Valley and used very commonly for hikers.  See map. 

For more information on Zoar Valley please go to

Not into Hiking?

If you prefer to walk on paved or well-packed trails then we recommend checking out our walking section.


Hike along one of the 18 trails at Allegany State Park.

Throw on your hiking shoes and pack up your tent, sleeping bag, favorite camping snacks and enjoy some hiking and primitive camping at Little Rock City.

Venture on an unguided walk through the trails at Griffis Sculpture Park as they are illuminated with colorful and theatrical lighting, creating a truly unique experie

Pat McGee Trail

You can hikebikeride a snowmobile or ride horse on the Pat McGee Trail. This mile multi-purpose 12.2 trail will grow to be a county-wide system but at this time it connects 7 municipalities together (from the Village of Cattaraugus to the City of Salamanca).

First Day Hike at Allegany State Park

Discover the history of Allegany State Park- January 1, 2024. New York's State Parks and Historic Sites celebrates our Centennial in 2024, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of our parks and sites system. Help us kick off this yearlong celebration and get your New Year off to a great start with a hike in Allegany State Park along the newly finished Quaker Run Area Multi-Use Trail.

Allegany State Park Trails

Allegany State Park has many beautiful trails that you can hike, bike, cross-country ski, rollerblade, ride horseback, mountain bike, snowmobile and more. Most of the trails are used throughout the entire year such as the groomed snowmobile trails that double as horseback riding trails in the summer.