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Griffis Sculpture Park

Silhouette of some sculptures in the Rohr Hill Road section of Griffis Sculpture Park
Interact with sculptures in the woods, fields and by ponds on over 400 acres at America's largest and oldest sculpture park
Kids running to tower sculpture

For more than 42 years, the steel sculptures of Larry Griffis, Jr. and other international artists have been residing in the woods, fields, and even ponds of Griffis Sculpture Park. The 400-acre Ashford Hollow Park, located in the towns of Ashford and East Otto, NY, is not only a tremendous regional attraction, but holds the distinction of being America’s largest and oldest sculpture park.

Hiking Trails

The park features over 250 large scale sculptures dispersed through miles of hiking trails. Each sculpture was placed with the natural setting in mind, creating a truly unique experience between art and nature.

The park is split into two sections: Rohr Hill Road Site and Mill Valley Road Site. The Rohr Hill area is characterized by towering sculptures set in fields and woods just off the road. The Mill Valley Road Site features both a smooth walk area, as well miles of trails through a variety of terrain. Whether you have five minutes or five hours, one can always get a flavor of the park.

Open Spring to Mid-Autumn

The Griffis Sculpture Park is open from May 1 to October 31.  You'll find some picnic tables on site.  Rules are simple:  no littering, no camping, no alcohol, no campfires or smoking and a few others that you will find listed on a sign near the entrance.  Admission is by the honor system:  $5 for adults; $3 for students and seniors.  Children under age 10 are FREE.  You drop the money through a slot in a yellow box.

Arts in Education

Griffis Sculpture Park is also an arts in education interactive learning environment where students of all ages experience the arts in a way not found anywhere else.

The park offers educational tours, workshops, and other programs to visitors each year.


South Hill Otto Site - Main - Mill Valley Road

6910 Mill Valley Rd, East Otto, NY 14729

East Hill Ashford Site - Rohr Hill Road

98P9+36R Ashford Hollow, New York - 42°23'06.9"N 78°40'55.1"W ( 42.385245, -78.681972 )

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Phone Number

6902 Mill Valley Rd.
East Otto, NY 14729
United States

Latitude & Longitude
42.368543, -78.692025 Google Maps
Wheelchair Accessible
Pet Friendly
Credit Cards
Internet Access
Free WiFi
Parking - Bus / Motor Coach
RV Parking


Venture on an unguided walk through the trails at Griffis Sculpture Park as they are illuminated with colorful and theatrical lighting, creating a truly unique experience.