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Little Rock City

A short hike at Little Rock City State Forest.
A local landmark of geologic interest which is located in Rock City State Forest and is accessible in the spring, summer, and fall by vehicle, and during the winter by snowmobile.
A view of an area at Little Rock City State Forest.

Little Rock City is a local landmark of geologic interest. Located at 42° 12’ 31” N, 78° 42’ 31” W.

Rock Formations

Little Rock City is unique due to the large rock formations that are visible and scattered throughout the surrounding area. The formation of the geologic site has been very controversial due to the fact that it was never affected by glaciers during the last ice age 20,000 years ago, a fact unknown to many people. If Little Rock City had in fact been affected by glaciers, the site we see today would most likely not be present due to destruction by the large ice sheets.

Today, we know that Little Rock City was not formed by glaciers, but actually formed through mountain building events known as orogenies. As sediment from surrounding areas was deposited over Rock City State Forest, the base for Little Rock City was formed. As hundreds of years passed, gravity erosion of the landscape began to separate non-resistant rock layers from those which were highly resistant, leaving us with the large boulders that are present today.

Recreational Activities

People travel to Little Rock City for many different recreational activities. Some things that you may do while at the site include camping, hiking, picnics, biking, and rock climbing/bouldering… the possibilities seem endless. The best part though is that it is free to come and do whatever you would like! Although it is still a state forest so four wheeling and other motorized recreational vehicles are prohibited and use can result in fines.

Information compiled by Jacob Shawley and Matt Booth 5/31/2012 as part of the Cattaraugus County Geology Trail

Roads to Little Rock City

If you are traveling to the site by vehicle, the roads that you drive on were created during President Roosevelt’s CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) plan to produce jobs for those who were unemployed and in need of work.


From Salamanca

  1. Take Route 353 north towards Little Valley
  2. Turn right on Whig Street
  3. Stay on Whig Street until Hungry Hollow Rd. Turn Right.
  4. Turn right on Little Rock City Rd. and follow it until dead end.

From Buffalo

  1. Take Route 62 South through Gowanda
  2. Turn left onto Route 353, through Cattaraugus and Little Valley
  3. Turn left on Whig Street
  4. Stay on Whig Street until Hungry Hollow Rd. Turn Right.
  5. Turn right on Little Rock City Rd. and follow it until dead end.

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Little Rock City Road
Little Valley, NY 14755
United States

Latitude & Longitude
42.208677, -78.708082 Google Maps
Wheelchair Accessible
Pet Friendly
Credit Cards
Internet Access
Free WiFi
Parking - Bus / Motor Coach
RV Parking
Indoor Pool
Outdoor Pool


Throw on your hiking shoes and pack up your tent, sleeping bag, favorite camping snacks and enjoy some hiking and primitive camping at Little Rock City.