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West Valley

The hamlet of West Valley, New York is in the Town of Ashford, NY.

Places in West Valley

They are ready to share the world of falconry with you and your family, friends or event!
Plan a visit to this unique museum!
The Ashford Historical Society Museum is full of memorabilia from the Ashford, West Valley and surrounding areas.

Free Fishing Day in NY!

The NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation is hosting a FREE fishing day on February 17-18, June 29-30, September 28, and November 11th. There’s no fishing license required on those days for the fresh or marine waters of New York State, making it the opportune time for people of all ages to learn and enjoy the day. We especially encourage those with more experience to bring along the young people in your life to show them the value of patience, the anticipation of the bite and the exhilaration of the catch!