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American Hawkeye

They are ready to share the world of falconry with you and your family, friends or event!
Baby bird at American Hawkeye

Jonathan Clarkson is a skilled falconer and has worked many years with his birds to train them to hunt and perform for audiences.  However, American Hawkeye offers a wide variety of services in addition to public shows. 

American Hawkeye offers educational and exciting raptor demonstrations.  All ages will enjoy hearing the background of the art of falconry, a sport which thrived in the courts of kings and pharaohs for thousands of year.  Live flight demonstrations include lectures that focus on the biology, natural history, conservation and history.  These demonstrations are great for camps, birthday parties, corporate events, company parties, church groups, scouts, private parties and more!

Dream about training with these beautiful birds?  American Hawkeye offers Falconry School as well!  From Half Day to Full Day to Owl Encounters or Team Building experiences, there is a wide range of ways you can get up close and personal with birds of prey!  There are several things you should know before you decide to do this and both the School of Falconry brochure and info about becoming a falconer can be found on the website

Getting married this year?  How about having a hawk deliver the rings to you? 

Are you a hunter?  How about going out on a guided trip with trained dogs and one of the Falcons for a hunting experience unlike any other offered.  See how raptors hunt prey in the wild and learn how our ancient ancestors developed one of the world's oldest sports.  Want to see some of the birds in the wild, but not aren't a hunter?  Take a "Hawk Walk".  This is a guided nature hikes accompanied by one of the raptors as they follow through some of Western New York's beautiful county-side. 

If you have nuisance birds causing damage to your crops or properties, give Jon a call!  His trained raptors will come out and scare the birds away as prey animals have an innate fear of aerial predators.  With a goal to chase away, not kill this method is ecofriendly, causing no damage to the environment or infrastructures.  And it is more effective than air cannons, strove lights, scare crows, shotguns or poison!

Call to schedule your walk or hunt or to have the birds come to you! 

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