Childs Blueberry Farm

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Sweetest Blueberries on the planet are grown in Humphrey, NY at Childs Blueberry Farm. Visit to learn more about growing the biggest, best blueberries. Decide on organic for your health and your families health. Mr. Blueberry is Bob Childs. UPICK Blueberries or Ready Picked. Top Quality.

There is also a farm winery on the premises selling a semi-sweet and semi-dry, chemical free artisan wine called, Razzelle. Gaining in popularity due to it's delicious blend of wild elderberries, blueberries and raspberries.

While there are no tours offered at this point, you may participate in a wine tasting during the UPICK season.

Zoar Valley MUA has the TALLEST Basswood tree in the world!

According to the DEC, a 128 foot tall basswood within Zoar Valley has been reported to be the tallest basswood in the world.

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