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Snowmobiling through a field
Snowmobiler on the Pat McGee Trail

If the conditions are right, Snowmobile Trails open the day after hunting season ends.

Snowmobile, in the Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County, on over 450 miles of trails throughout the county and Allegany State Park, the largest state park in New York State.

Snowmobile at Allegany State Park

Enchanted Mountains is home to the gorgeous Allegany State Park, considered the largest park in New York State and the third largest park in the nation.  A number of cabins line the trails and are easily accessible and affordable to everyone - just in case you'd like to extend your stay. 

The Group Camp 5 is a perfect place for your snowmobile club to camp at. Houses up to 72 people in 18 newly remodeled cabins complete with table, benches, heater, 4 bunk style beds and space to breathe. Also in Camp is a hall with 14 benches, 3 upright refrigerators, one freezer and everything you need to make your meals. The facilities are worth mentioning as well, 7 individual showers, three of them being handicap accessible. Call 1 800 456-2267.

Whether you're riding through Allegany State Park's popular Thunder Rocks, or you're enjoying the open trails and the serene landscape views, there's days worth of experience and adventure to be had. The park is considered one of the most well-groomed areas to snowmobile and the place to enjoy everything that winter in Cattaraugus County has to offer. So don't miss out!

Need help deciding where to start? Be sure to check out the following items that will help you navigate our snowmobile trails:

Snowmobile Trails Map

The Cattaraugus County Snowmobile Trails Map for the 2023-2024 season is ready to view/download.

Request by Mail

We'll send you a map for free. You just have to request the Snowmobile Trails Map.

Join a Snowmobile Club

If you live outside of NYS please remember to join a NYS Snowmobile club to get the snowmobile registration discount with a NYSSA Snowmobile Club Voucher (see below for more info)! 

Join a NYS Snowmobile Club online

The clubs we have in Cattaraugus County are:

Ashford Snowmobile Club

Elibomwons Snowmobile Club

Enchanted Mountains Border Riders Club

Franklinville Snowmobile Club

Portville Snowmobile Club

Rushford Snowmobile Club

The Snow Bounders

Southern Tier Snow Drifters

Tri-County Drifthoppers

Western New York Snowmobile Club of Boston

Register your Snowmobile

Information on Snowmobile Registration.

The DMV prefers that you register your snowmobile by bringing your NYSSA Snowmobile Club Voucher to one of the county's DMVs: Little Valley, or Olean.

Get a Temporary Registration for an Out-of-State Snowmobile

Temporary Registration for your out-of-state snowmobile

Pat McGee Trail

You can hikebikeride a snowmobile or ride horse on the Pat McGee Trail. This mile multi-purpose 12.2 trail will grow to be a county-wide system but at this time it connects 7 municipalities together (from the Village of Cattaraugus to the City of Salamanca).

Allegany State Park Trails

Allegany State Park has many beautiful trails that you can hike, bike, cross-country ski, rollerblade, ride horseback, mountain bike, snowmobile and more. Most of the trails are used throughout the entire year such as the groomed snowmobile trails that double as horseback riding trails in the summer.