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Laundry hanging along NY's Amish Trail
Horse and buggy on the Amish Trail

Nestled within the Enchanted Mountains of Western New York, behind the hustle and bustle of today's world, sits New York's Amish Trail. A place where you can take a step back in time, slow down and enjoy a simpler way of life. 

The Amish Trail is a self-guided tour through our Amish area, including the town of Leon which is the largest Old-Order Amish community in the United States. These people have resisted innovations and live without electricity, phones, cars and other modern conveniences.

Follow their hand-painted signs to their businesses, usually located in their homes. You can stop at their shops and purchase quilts, furniture or baked goods any day except Sunday. Take a drive through Amish country, step back in time and enjoy the simpler things in life along New York's Amish Trail.

Guided Tours

Custom tours are available through The Leon Historical Society Museum for more information contact:

  • Pat Bromley, Town Historian (716) 296-5709
  • Klayton Peterson (716)-574-9883


An online map is available for you to view, filter and search the shops along New York's Amish Trail.

You can also download the map to print and explore on your own! 


Have the Amish Trail Map and Brochure snail mailed to you for free.

Enjoy the modern conveniences at any of our non-Amish partners listed on

Look for these Amish Trail signs!

Amish Trail Logo

Don't want to travel the country roads looking for Amish treasures? Visit Mystic Hill Olde Barn in Cattaraugus, Valley View Cheese Company or Eden Valley Creamery in Conewango Valley and others at


Please remember to respect the Amish peoples' privacy and personal property, and don’t photograph them, as it is against their beliefs. As you tour the enchanted countryside, drive cautiously and watch for black, slow-moving, horse-drawn buggies.


Immerse yourself in a simpler way of life