Holiday Shopping in Cattaraugus County

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It’s about to get crazy.

Thanksgiving is Thursday, and Thanksgiving can get crazy (especially if you’re hosting). Then, before the dishes even rinsed are rinsed, craziness continues by most major retailers opening their doors Thanksgiving afternoon.

This premature holiday shopping rush is crazy, right? So is the next day: Black Friday.

Black Friday is November 24. Depending on the kind of person you are, that means one of two things: 1) you’ve got your coupons clipped and arch-supporting shoes set out, or 2) you’re cringing. Either way, it’s shopping season!

We want to make your holiday season a little more enjoyable and, perhaps, easier. Cattaraugus County has seemingly countless shops, galleries, stores, and markets full of unique gifts. We have pulled together a small sampling of gift ideas for your convenience.



Outdoor Enthusiast: Machias Outdoors

Machias Outdoors

Hunting, fishing, and trapping supplies; firearms and ammunition; and more! Shopping for an ice fisherman? Machias Outdoors is one of the few retailers in the area that offers ice fishing bait.

Don’t know specifics? Don’t worry: Gift Card. Trust me, you will be appreciated! Gift cards can be used on anything in the store, including archery range time.



College Grad: Hog-Shed Studio Pottery

Hog Shed Studio Customer

Help the college grad in your family feel like a Real Adult with some classic dishware, bakeware, or serving dishes.



Hot Sauce Connoisseur: Hot Papa’s Fiery Flavors

Hot Papa's Fiery Flavors

There’s one in every bunch. You know, that guy who puts hot sauce on everything? He pairs hot sauce to food like a fine wine and scoffs at anything that doesn’t make his nose run. Check out Hot Papa’s for the area’s largest hot sauce selection. Pair that with knowledgeable service and you’ve got a gift they’ll never forget! (Don’t you forget it either, especially if you're ever invited over for supper!)



Foodie: Dom’s Butcher Block

Dom's Butcher Block Holiday Shopping

1. Bundle Packs of fresh cut meats; custom crafted variety of smoked meats including bologna, pepper sticks, beef jerky and smoked sausages; free range chicken; fresh lamb; seafood on Fridays.

2. Gourmet oils and vinegars, fresh dried pasta, small batch sauces, seasonings and spices, local raw honey, pickles, olives, Cuba Cheese.

‘Nuff said.



New Retiree: Lee’s Wine and Beer Supplies

Lee's Wine and Beer Supplies

Know someone who’s new to retirement and looking for a new hobby? Getting started with home brewing is relatively inexpensive and easy. Lee’s has beer kits, which are great for beginners.



New Parents: Belle Idee Photography

Belle Idee

Life happens quickly! No one knows this more than new parents. Help them capture a time in their lives that seems to pass in the blink of an eye. Belle Idee Photography, a member of our Amish Trail, specializes in fine-art, whimsical, ethereal, painterly, and unique child, baby, maternity, & family portraits.



Small Business Saturday

Saturday, November 25 is Small Business Saturday. So, whether or not you shop on Thanksgiving or Black Friday, please join your fellow community members in supporting local businesses on this day. Your direct support of local business allows and encourages local business owners to do the same, further growing your community. Taking park in Small Business Saturday creates jobs, keeps communities unique, and encourages community members to remain in the community for many years.

Buy local, support local, all the while looking like you put a lot more time and thought into this gift than you actually did.

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Cattaraugus County-native Kate comes to Enchanted Mountains Tourism by way of somewhere between 3 and 10 careers in everything from food service to CSA farming to sportsman education. Kate has a penchant for all things dairy, summer bonfires, the banjo, and her Shepherds, Rush & Ida.