Pumpkinville- What to expect in 2020

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Pumpkinville is a fall, family tradition for many families and it can continue this year! As with everything else in 2020, there will be some changes to keep everyone safe. Pumpkinville is ready for visitors and if you keep reading, we will let you know what to expect this year.

1. Purchase your wristbands/tickets in advance! Capacity is limited this year so it is important to purchase tickets as soon as you set the date of your visit if it is a weekend. You can buy them at Pumpkinville.com.

Pumpkinville Ticket Booth

2. Be sure to wear your masks! We did see they were selling really cute masks as souvenirs this year too. Pumpkin mask

3. Take your yearly photo in the pumpkins...just be sure to practice social distancing.

Pumpkinville pumpkins

4. The shops have limited capacities also. Don't worry, you won't have to remember the limits as they are listed on all of the doors.

Bounty Barn

5. There is a point you won't be able to go past without a wrist band.

Signage for Pumpkinville

6. You can watch the baby goats, but will not be able to pet them this year. That's ok...look how CUTE they are!


7. They have added a ton of socially distanced picnic tables so everyone can spread out and enjoy all of their favorite fall foods.

picnic tables

8. Most importantly, expect things to be a little bit different this year. Have a little grace. Have a lot of fun and make fun memories at something that while altered, was not cancelled this year.


Please be sure to check all covid-19 guidelines.

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