Cattaraugus County Outdoor Fishing & Hunting Map

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The Fishing and Hunting map for Cattaraugus County.


For fishing it has fishing access, marinas, fishing supplies, privately-owned fishing locations, waterbodies, streams and where a Native Fishing License is required(water with an orange outline).

This map has inset bathometry maps of New Albion Lake, Lime Lake, Harwood Lake, Case Lake, Quaker Lake, and Red House Lake. Use the Outdoor Viewer on your smart phone, tablet or computer.


For hunting it has hunting access, state land, and places with hunting supplies.

Licenses and Supplies

This map also has more places with fishing and hunting supplies, town halls, Seneca Nation of Indians License purchase locations, and parking areas.

Interactive Map

Did you want a dynamic map on your smart phone or tablet? Check out the Cattaraugus County Outdoor Viewer.


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Meaning of the word Cattaraugus

CATTARAUGUS, from a Seneca Indian word meaning “bad smelling banks,” referring to the odor of natural gas leaking from rock seams.

The word "Cattaraugus" means "foul-smelling river bank." This name is a result of the natural gas that oozes from the river mud.

In our opinion, only some of the river banks are bad smelling. Come on over and visit a creek in Cattaraugus County and tell us what you think.

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