Pfeiffer Nature Center Eshelman Trails Map

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Preview of the Map of the Eshelman Trails at Pfeiffer Nature Center

We can learn so much from nature at Pfeiffer Nature Center's Eshelman property. The attached map is of the Eshelman Tract of land listing the trails and geographic features.

Pfeiffer Nature Center's Eshelman Tract has the following trails:

  • Eshelman Loop - Hike along the creek & up the
    hill, coming out on top for a great view of the valley,
    then back into the woods downhill. Moderate to
    difficult climb - Round trip 2.4 miles
  • Holcomb Trail - This wooded trail, climbing halfway
    up the hillside, is a great place to wee woodland
    creatures of all types. Moderate to difficult
    climb - One way, 0.32 mi
  • Hill Top - Moving along the crest of the hill through
    the woods, the forest wildlife abounds. One way,
    0.24 mi
  • Bullhead Run - Meander through the meadow
    and by a pond that teems with life just below the
    surface. Easy walk - Round trip, 0.26 mi
  • Hawthorn Lane - The successional field is a great
    place to see plants and animals that like transitional
    scrub areas. Easy walk - One way, 0.14 mi
  • Sugar Run - See where maple syrup was made
    generations ago as you hike through the woods to
    the top of the hill. Modest climb - One way, 0.22 mi

If you have any questions please contact us.


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