Winter Preparations at Holiday Valley Mountain Resort

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The crew at Holiday Valley Mountain Resort has been working hard since Spring to get the resort ready for the Winter 2014-2015 season.

New Improvements

With some new improvements this year, your winter at Holiday Valley Mountain Resort should be a great one!

Automated Snowmaking on the Wall

HV is up to 200 automated snowguns with new snowguns, water lines and wiring!

Slopework improvements

They've widened Eagle trail and created 3 new connecting trails!

  • Peppermint Lane goes from the top of Morningstar to the Tannenbaum area.
  • Bearpaw trail goes from the top of Sunrise into the Bearcub trail.
  • A mystery trail?!?!?

From Jane Eshbaugh, Director of Marketing at HV, "We are all excited for the upcoming season, and we hope you are too"!

Meaning of the word Cattaraugus

CATTARAUGUS, from a Seneca Indian word meaning “bad smelling banks,” referring to the odor of natural gas leaking from rock seams.

The word "Cattaraugus" means "foul-smelling river bank." This name is a result of the natural gas that oozes from the river mud.

In our opinion, only some of the river banks are bad smelling. Come on over and visit a creek in Cattaraugus County and tell us what you think.

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