Pawtographs at the Hinsdale House with speical guests

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Event Date(s): Sat, 08/17/2019 - 6:00pm - Sun, 08/18/2019 - 10:00am
Please note that this event has expired!
Pawtographs for Pooches Poster at Hinsdale House

Pawtographs for Pooches comes to the Hinsdale House along with special guests! Special guests include Pawtographs founder, Tim Maile, Tim Woolworth, John Cassidy, Tim Shaw, and Dan Klaes. Tim Maile created Pawtographs for Pooches as a way to give back to animal shelters after adopting his dog, Murray in 2006. Greatly impacted by the joy and love he found, he now does lectures (with Murray) at different events. At events, he chooses one local shelter and will be presenting signed 8 x10 (by both him and Murray) for $10, all money being donated to STAR Rescue

Tim Woolworth and John Cassidy are two Michigan staples of the paranormal community and very integral to the success of Pawtographs. Both have done so many Pawtographs event that we have lost count! Tim is one of the most intelligent people in the paranormal field and is the founder of Paranormal Study. His lectures are not to be missed and will leave you hungry for more knowledge. John is a world class medium...(my words, not his) that has a heart of gold. He and his wife Jackie, along with Bumps in the NIght Paranormal Research are best known for Little Travers Bay Parafest in Petoskey, Michigan, but he has helped countless people with his gift. He is a compassionate and loving person and you will be a better person for meeting him!

Tim Shaw, Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker, Paranormal Investigator, and Collector of Haunted and Unusual Objects, and has consulted and appeared in numerous movies and tv shows including Discovery Channel's Ghost Lab, SyFy's Ghost Hunters, Destination American's Paranormal Lockdown, and numerous others. A local author, his books include "Ghosts of Buffalo: Mysteries, Murder, and Mayhem in the Nickel City", and “Please, Talk With Me; The True Story of the C2D1 Haunting”.

Dan Klaes is the owner of the Haunted Hinsdale House, host of Within These Walls, and author. There is a ghost hunt/investigation from 6-11pm for $49 or guests can do an overnight investigation for $89. Overnight runs until 10am the following day.

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This event will be held at:

Haunted Hinsdale House
3830 McMahon Road
Hinsdale, NY 14743
United States
42° 10' 3.5184" N, 78° 20' 41.28" W
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