Enchanted Mountain GeoTrail in Western New York - CLOSED!

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Enchanted Mountains GeoTrail logoThe Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County offers something for all seasons. Horseback riding and fishing in the spring, hiking and camping in the summer, hunting and scenic beauty in the fall, skiing and snowmobiling in the winter, and of course, geocaching all year round are just some of the great attractions to the area.

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NY Amish GeoTrail Part 1

NY Amish GeoTrail Part 2 launched on May 15, 2014!!!

Important: The EMGT closed on October 21, 2013! See the blog post EMGT is Ending.

Find all of the Enchanted Mountains GeoTrail (EMGT) Caches in Cattaraugus County's 32 towns in 2 years. For each town cache you find you will receive that town's wooden nickel. When a person has collected all 32 wooden nickels you may request the geocoin that is available (see photos below).

All EMGT geocaches are officially registered with Geocaching.com. Participants will need to be registered on Geocaching.com to retrieve the coordinates and other location information. Registering on Geocaching.com is free.

How to Get Started

Before setting out to find caches, you may want an official leaflet (Request a Leaflet or Download). Leaflets are free and can be obtained at the starter cache as well as the County Building in Little Valley. Each cache will have a unique keyword written on the inside of the cache container's lid. Write this keyword down next to the town name in your leaflet. You will then either mail the list of town and keywords to the address listed above OR simply fill out the on-line form with your latest cache(s)  and we will send you your wooden nickel. You may also stop in to the Tourism office at the County Building during business hours to obtain your nickels. Leaflets are the property of the cacher to retain as a keepsake, so any leaflet's mailed in, will be returned with your wooden nickel(s).

What to do if you can not locate a cache

If you find a geocache too difficult to locate be sure to take a photo from a spot along the way to your attempt at locating the geocache. Simply Email your photos to us at photos [at] EnchantedMountains [dot] com with the name of the geocache(s) you were attempting to locate, your name and mailing address. Or do that on the EMGT cache submission form.

Archived caches

Update Important: The EMGT is closed! See the blog post EMGT is Ending.

For the archived Coldspring EMGT Geocache, we now ask cachers to go to the coordinate and get a picture of themselves and the view at Friends Boatlaunch. Email your photos to us at photos [at] EnchantedMountains [dot] com with the title "Photos from near Coldspring Geocache" and in the body be sure to put your name and mailing address so that we may mail you the Coldspring Geocache Coin.


2009 EMGT Wooden Nickels with pamphlet
2010 EMGT Wooden Nickels with pamphlet
Map of the Enchanted Mountains GeoTrail

There will be a total of 32 (26) towns to visit, with half of the caches being placed in 2009 and the other half being placed in 2010. Successful collection of all 32 (26) wooden nickels will entitle the cacher to a special commemorative Cattaraugus County GeoCoin.

Update Important: The EMGT is closed! See the blog post EMGT is Ending.

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There are approximately 1,380 residents in Leon with the Amish Community comprising about 76% of that number. The Old Order Amish settled in Leon in 1949. They do not believe in the modern conveniences. They have no electricity in their homes + travel by horse and buggy. 

If you are looking for someplace interesting to go, try the Leon area. It is right in the heart of Amish Country.

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