Grand Opening of Holiday Valley's Mountain Coaster

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On August 20, 2011, people celebrated the Grand Opening of the Mountain Coaster at Holiday Valley Resort in the Tannenbaum area next to the Aerial Adventure Park. This video shows many people having fun on the mountain coaster.

What is a mountain coaster?

Holiday Valley's Mountain Coaster is similar to a roller coaster that you'd find at an amusement park. One to two people ride in a car on the track but what makes a mountain coaster different is that you can control your speed using handles on the sides of the car.

Once you sit in a mountain coaster car and put on your safety harness you'll be pulled 1,865 feet up the hill parallel to the Spruce Lake lift and once you reach the top the car begins its thrilling 2,490 foot descent zigzagging and spiraling down through the woods.

There are 15 curves, 12 waves, 2 jumps and a giant spiral along the length of the ride. The average grade is 15.2% with a maximum of 23.6%.

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Meaning of the word Cattaraugus

CATTARAUGUS, from a Seneca Indian word meaning “bad smelling banks,” referring to the odor of natural gas leaking from rock seams.

The word "Cattaraugus" means "foul-smelling river bank." This name is a result of the natural gas that oozes from the river mud.

In our opinion, only some of the river banks are bad smelling. Come on over and visit a creek in Cattaraugus County and tell us what you think.

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