Salamanca Area Historical Society honors Ray Evans

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Perhaps a little known fact is that Ray Evans, co-lyricist of the Christmas Classic was a native of Salamanca, NY.  Salamanca knows it however, and honors him each year with the Silver Bells Festival.  Now there's one more way he is forever remembered in the town in which he was born and raised in.The Salamanca Area Historical Society and Museum has created an exhibit that teaches the details of Evans' life.  He has remained on the "Wall of Distinction" in the museum since it's opening in 2012, but with the help of the Ray and Wyn Ritchie Evans Foundation, visitors can view his younger years in Salamanca all the way up to his days in Hollywood. 

Museum Staff member, Nancy Sedlak, worked with this Foundation, who donated money in deciding what should be a part of the exhibit.  He is a significant part of Salamanca's history.  The Foundation donated many items including the ten minute video clip you can watch, photographs, posters, telegrams, and more. 

The museum is located at 125 Main St.  For more info call (716) 945-2946.

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