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Paddling the Allegheny River Rack Card

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Follow the Flow

This is the order of the spots, that follow the flow along the Allegheny River, from East to West, to put in / put out at.

  1. West River Road Launch
  2. Linn Launch
  3. Riverhurst Park Campground - Private
  4. Forness Park
  5. Four Mile Brewing
  6. Veteran's Memorial Bridge Launch
  7. River Park - Allegany Launch
  8. Allegany I-86 Boat Launch
  9. The Junction Launch
  10. Salamanca Main Street Launch
  11. Salamanca Front Avenue Launch
  12. Indian Park
  13. Highbanks Campground - Private
  14. Friends Boat Launch - Parking Fee
  15. Onoville Marina Park - Parking Fee

* For any place in the list above that is marked private and you would like to get in / get out from, we recommend contacting them to discuss options.

Rough Itineraries

Very Short Trips for Beginners

These should take about an hour of paddling at a leisurely pace (2-3 mph).

Portville - 2.67 Miles

  1. West River Road Launch
  2. Linn Launch

Salamanca - 2.27 Miles

  1. Salamanca Main Street Launch
  2. Salamanca Front Avenue Launch
  3. Indian Park

Half-Day Trips

Trips that take 3-5 hours at a leisurely pace (2-3mph).

Portville to Olean - ~7 miles 3-3.5 hours

  1. Breakfast / Lunch in Portville
  2. Linn Launch
  3. Get out and have lunch / dinner at Four Mile Brewing

I-86 Bridge to Junction - ~9 miles 4.5 hours

  1. Breakfast / Lunch in the Village of Allegany
  2. Allegany I-86 Boat Launch
  3. The Junction Launch

From Carrollton to Salamanca - 8.5 miles 4.5 hours

  1. The Junction Launch
  2. Put out at Salamanca Main Street Launch
  3. Lunch / Dinner in Salamanca

A Day on the Allegany River

Trips that take 5+ hours at a leisurely pace (2-3mph).

From Portville to Allegany - ~13 miles 5-6.5 hours

  1. Breakfast in Portville
  2. Launch at West River Road Launch
  3. Lunch at Four Mile Brewing
  4. Put out River Park - Allegany Launch
  5. Dinner & Dessert in Allegany

From Carrollton to Salamanca - ~11 miles 5 hours

  1. Breakfast in Allegany
  2. Launch River Park - Allegany Launch
  3. Lunch near The Junction Launch
  4. Put out at Indian Park
  5. Dinner & Dessert in Salamanca

More Places to Paddle

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